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Delta Air Lines Introduces New Embraer E175 Route Connecting Austin and Harlingen


Delta Air Lines Introduces New Embraer E175 Route Connecting Austin and Harlingen

Delta Air Lines has announced the addition of a new service connecting Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) to Valley International Airport (HRL) in Harlingen, Texas. This new route will be serviced by the Embraer E175 aircraft, known for its comfort, efficiency, and reliability. The introduction of this route is part of Delta’s ongoing efforts to enhance connectivity and provide more travel options for passengers in Texas.

Details of the New Route

The new Austin to Harlingen service is scheduled to commence on July 1, 2024. This route is expected to operate daily, providing passengers with a convenient and reliable travel option between the two cities.

  1. Flight Schedule: The flights will run once daily, with departure from Austin in the late morning and a return flight from Harlingen in the early afternoon. This schedule is designed to cater to both business and leisure travelers, offering flexibility and convenience.
  2. Aircraft Specifications: The Embraer E175 is a modern, twin-engine regional jet that can accommodate up to 76 passengers. It features a two-class configuration with 12 seats in First Class and 64 seats in Economy, including Delta Comfort+ seats. The aircraft is praised for its spacious cabin, comfortable seating, and advanced technology, ensuring a pleasant travel experience.
  3. Enhanced Connectivity: This new route will provide seamless connections for passengers traveling from Harlingen to other major cities through Delta’s extensive network from Austin. It also enhances access to the Rio Grande Valley for passengers from Austin and beyond, promoting both tourism and business travel.

Strategic Importance

The introduction of the Austin-Harlingen route is a strategic move by Delta Air Lines to strengthen its presence in Texas and meet the growing demand for regional travel.

  1. Market Demand: The route addresses the increasing demand for direct flights between Austin, a major tech and cultural hub, and Harlingen, a key city in the Rio Grande Valley. This direct connection will save passengers time and provide a more convenient travel option.
  2. Economic Impact: Enhanced air connectivity between Austin and Harlingen is expected to have a positive economic impact on both regions. It will facilitate business travel, support local tourism, and contribute to the overall economic development of the Rio Grande Valley.

Benefits to Passengers

Delta’s new service offers several benefits to passengers, making travel between Austin and Harlingen more efficient and enjoyable.

  1. Comfort and Convenience: The Embraer E175 offers a comfortable and spacious cabin, making it an ideal choice for regional flights. Passengers will appreciate the modern amenities and superior service provided by Delta on this route.
  2. Frequent Flyer Advantages: Delta SkyMiles members will be able to earn and redeem miles on this new route, adding value for loyal customers. Additionally, passengers will have access to Delta’s award-winning customer service and in-flight experience.
  3. Connectivity: This new service enhances connectivity for both business and leisure travelers, making it easier to reach the Rio Grande Valley from Austin and vice versa. It also opens up new possibilities for weekend getaways, family visits, and business trips.


Delta Air Lines’ introduction of the Embraer E175 service from Austin to Harlingen represents a significant enhancement in regional air travel in Texas. This new route not only meets the growing demand for direct flights between these two cities but also underscores Delta’s commitment to providing exceptional service and connectivity to its passengers.

With the launch of this new service, travelers can look forward to a more convenient, comfortable, and efficient way to travel between Austin and Harlingen. As Delta continues to expand its network and improve its services, passengers can expect more innovative and customer-focused solutions in the future.

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