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6 Trends that will (Re-)Shape Air Freight in the 2020s

Air Freight

Logistics transform. And with air freight isn’t just about the planes; it’s about the pulse of global trade and how swiftly it is able to adapt to our ever-changing world that always wants something new. And yes, air logistics will surprisingly quickly have a new look in the coming decade. Here are 6 trends with high expectations to be continuously developed during this interesting decade of change and transformation:

1. Greener skies on the horizon

There is a evermore stronger push from environmental advocates and stricter laws in the air freight industry, and the gears are shifted towards sustainability. This is why we expect increased investments in planes that guzzle less fuel and the rise of sustainable aviation fuels that promise cleaner skies. Its importance is not only shown for the wellbeing of the planet, but it also seems it’s becoming a business necessity,

2. Tech takeover

The old way of doing things is rapidly being transformed by tech developments. Think artificial intelligence and blockchain as the new pilots in air logistics. AI is streamlining everything from flight routes to cargo loading, making snags and delays a thing of the past. Meanwhile, blockchain makes sure every step of the shipping process is transparent and tamper-proof. It’s like having a high-tech copilot for every shipment.

3. The E-commerce Effect

Online shopping isn’t slowing down—it’s exploding, and it’s reshaping air freight along with it. Consumers want their purchases yesterday, and air freight is crucial in making that happen. This trend is pushing for more direct routes from warehouses to doorsteps and might even boost the number of cargo-only flights crisscrossing the skies.

4. Bespoke in the Air

One-size-fits-all? Not anymore. The new buzzword in air freight is customization. Whether it’s delivering temperature-sensitive medicines or securing luxury goods, tailored logistics solutions are on the rise. This shift allows for handling cargo with kid gloves, tailored perfectly to what’s inside those shipping containers.

5. Tighter controls

As the world gets smaller, the rulebook gets thicker. Air freight is facing tighter scrutiny from regulators, especially on issues like security and safety. Navigating this maze of regulations is becoming a crucial skill for anyone in the freight business.

6. Drones join the fleet

Drones are no longer just cool gadgets; they’re becoming logistics workhorses, especially in crowded cities. These little flyers are perfect for quick deliveries and can zip through the sky without getting stuck in traffic. As drone technology improves, expect them to become a common sight, zipping up to balconies with parcels in tow.

As these trends take off, having a seasoned logistics partner becomes more important than ever. This is where Broekman Logistics comes in, with a keen eye on the future and a deep understanding of the industry’s pulse; well-equipped to help businesses navigate through these changes, ensuring your cargo not only takes off but lands smoothly and on time in this exciting new era of air freight.

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