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Cabin Crew Guidelines for Air India

Air India

Air India came up with a new set of grooming restrictions and rules for its cabin crew recently, many of which have been revised in recent documents released.

Flight attendants have always been the unsung heroes of an airline. With the skyrocketing number of incidents involving crew members behaving inappropriately–including lewd gestures and crossing the line with passengers–Air India has issued new guidelines related to grooming standards, standard operating procedures, and additional protocols in order to prevent incidents like these from happening again.

Men on an airplane

As part of the changes, new rules for male cabin crew members are as follows:

  • It is necessary for the person using gel in their hair to adhere to standards of personal hygiene.
  • Bald people must shave their head, or keep a bald look, in order to keep their hairless condition.
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  • Those who want to work as male cabin crew must shave their head every day.
  • Crew cut is not allowed here.

Female crew members that work in the cabin of a plane

The list of rules that apply to female cabin crew are lengthy.

  • Disposable earrings are not allowed. There are a few earring styles that attentive flight attendants may wear, and they include gold or diamond-shaped earrings without any design.
  • Because we value professionalism here at Affiliates TV, we don’t allow hairstyles with buns or high tops to be worn in our hair.
  • Bobby pins typically come in packs of four.
  • While we prefer to follow strict adherence to eyeshadow, lipstick and nail paint color cards, we’ll never suggest you choose a shade that clashes with your personal style.
  • You may only bring one bangle–with no design and with no stones–to the event.

There are a few guidelines that flight attendants need to follow in order to maintain their uniform. One is that they cannot wear “fashion colors,” or they might get demoted if they happen to trip and fall over with their full head of hair dyed red. Another is that they cannot wear “henna,” which could result in a $1,000 fine for each infraction. The final requirement comes from the FAA rules prohibiting black or religious clothings on the outside of their pants or ankles.

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People can do whatever they want when wearing their uniform. However, the airline CAN enforce uniform standards. This does not include hair color or shaving the head. Only a minor thing is enforced for these new flight attendants.

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The new list of rules includes all the other revised guidelines issued in the last few months. Last month, it was reported that cabin crew members’ body mass index would be scrutinized and weight kept under close eye.

The logic of employees being weighed before flying is sound, but the perception it breeds with other coworkers ruffled some feathers.

Air India has not disclosed any further information about its BMI check. But the All India Cabin Crew Association responded that cabin crew are primarily trained in first aid and so their BMI is largely irrelevant to their ability to do their job.

Some of the SOPs for Air India included cabin crew members wearing minimal jewelry for faster security checks, and flight supervisors giving boarding clearance to the ground staff within the prescribed time. In addition, aircraft doors were closed immediately after boarding was completed, cutting down on delays in departure.

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