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Thompson Aero is in the Process of Building a State-Of-The-Art Dynamic Test Facility in Northern Ireland

Thompson Aero Seating

Thompson Aero has announced their intention to develop a world-class facilities test facility in Bainbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland. The investment of GBP 7.5 million dollars (USD 9 million) has already started and will move the company into a new era of development and transformation.

With an extensive range of seating solutions, Thompson Aero Seating focuses on the premium, business and first class passengers. Designed with ultimate comfort, they savor shopping with Virgin Atlantic in their new ranges of seating.

Initially, retail will occupy the upper floors of the building with a restaurant and bar as well. It is expected that the building will be finished in time for the Summer 2023, with product testing beginning in October 2023.

Ireland is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit, offering all kinds of unique adventures.

The new world-class, dynamic test facility will allow the company to certify new products for airworthiness and conducted groundbreaking research and development work without ever leaving the factory. Currently, Thompson Aero Seating sends its team and products for testing in Europe and North America. CEO of Thompson Aero Seating, Neil Taggart, was in agreement with the benefits:

With our new test facility, we’ll benefit from shorter lead times and increased sustainability for our airline customers on their next model of seat.

Thompson Aero Seating has received funding for its project from Thompson’s shareholders. This is an exciting opportunity for Thompson, which will enable it to push the boundaries of design by bringing cutting-edge innovation to the aviation industry.

Research and innovation is always important for companies like Thompson. They can more efficiently use their time by having all aspects of the development, design, and testing process in one location.

The demand for this service is strong

Major airlines are flying out of hubs around the country, and they’re all opting for narrow body long-haul aircraft. The demand for these planes has risen drastically, and Thompson Aero is here to help them.

It’s exciting that we’re seeing such strong growth in widebody aircraft. As a result, we’re excited to see how this will grow our business.

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