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Smart Security Will Allow Passengers At Rome Fiumicino To Keep Liquids & Electronics In Their Hand Luggage

Rome Fiumicino Airport

Rome Fiumicino Airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, has become the latest airport to introduce Smart Security. Smart Security is an innovative screening system that uses advanced technology to improve the security screening process for passengers. The new system will allow passengers to keep their liquids and electronics in their hand luggage, making the screening process faster and more efficient.

The Benefits of Smart Security

Smart Security is a new approach to airport security screening that uses advanced technology to improve the screening process. The system is designed to reduce the amount of time passengers spend in security lines and make the screening process less intrusive.

Under the Smart Security system, passengers no longer need to remove liquids or electronics from their hand luggage. Instead, the screening system uses advanced x-ray technology to scan the contents of the bags and identify any potential threats. This not only saves time for passengers but also reduces the risk of damage to electronic devices caused by the traditional screening process.

The Implementation of Smart Security at Rome Fiumicino

Rome Fiumicino Airport has implemented Smart Security as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the passenger experience. The airport has partnered with Smiths Detection, a leading provider of advanced security screening equipment, to install the new system.

The Smart Security system at Rome Fiumicino uses state-of-the-art technology to scan passengers’ hand luggage and identify any potential threats. The system includes advanced x-ray machines and automated tray handling systems that speed up the screening process and reduce the need for manual checks.

Passenger Feedback and Future Plans

The Smart Security system has been well-received by passengers at Rome Fiumicino Airport. Passengers have praised the system for its efficiency and the ability to keep their liquids and electronics in their hand luggage. The system has also received positive feedback for its enhanced security measures.

Rome Fiumicino Airport plans to expand the Smart Security system to other areas of the airport, including the boarding gates. The airport hopes that the new system will help to reduce waiting times and improve the overall passenger experience.

Final Thoughts

Smart Security is a new and innovative approach to airport security screening that is becoming increasingly popular among airports worldwide. The system offers a range of benefits for passengers, including faster screening times and less intrusive security measures. Rome Fiumicino Airport’s implementation of the Smart Security system is an important step towards improving the passenger experience and ensuring that airport security is efficient and effective. We hope that more airports will follow Rome Fiumicino’s lead and introduce Smart Security to their screening processes.

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