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Fam Trips Offered by SriLankan Airlines Aim to Increase Tourism to Sri Lanka

SriLankan airline

SriLankan Airlines is hoping to boost tourism to the island nation by offering familiarization trips, or “fam trips,” to travel industry professionals. Fam trips are a way for travel agents, tour operators, and other industry professionals to experience a destination firsthand, with the goal of better promoting it to their clients.

Sri Lanka is a small but diverse country located off the coast of India. It has a long history, with ancient temples, forests, and wildlife reserves. It is also home to beautiful beaches and tea plantations, as well as a rich cultural heritage. Despite these attractions, Sri Lanka has faced challenges in attracting tourists, due in part to its location and a lack of awareness about the destination.

The fam trips offered by SriLankan Airlines aim to showcase the many facets of the country and encourage travel professionals to promote it to their clients. These trips typically include visits to popular tourist destinations, as well as off-the-beaten-path locations that may not be as well-known. Participants also have the opportunity to meet with local tourism authorities and learn about the country’s culture and history.

One of the main goals of these fam trips is to increase the number of direct flights to Sri Lanka from various destinations around the world. Currently, SriLankan Airlines operates flights to over 60 destinations, including cities in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. However, there is still room for growth, and the airline is working to expand its route network and increase the frequency of its flights.

In addition to the fam trips, SriLankan Airlines is also partnering with travel agencies and tour operators to promote the destination. The airline is offering incentives and support to help these companies promote Sri Lanka to their clients. This includes providing promotional materials and training, as well as offering special fares and packages.

Overall, SriLankan Airlines hopes that its efforts to promote the destination through fam trips and partnerships will help boost tourism to Sri Lanka and highlight the country’s many attractions. With its rich culture, beautiful beaches, and diverse landscapes, Sri Lanka has the potential to become a top tourist destination.

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