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A United Airlines Passenger Finds Bags in a Dumpster at an Apartment Complex

United Airlines

For the past few days, Valerie Szybala, a United Airlines passenger, has been chasing her bag with United Airlines and has been led on a wild goose chase. In addition to helping her find other passengers’ bags behind dumpsters behind an apartment complex, she placed an Apple Air Tag in her suitcase.

The Apple AirTags come to the rescue

In a Twitter thread that began yesterday afternoon, United passenger Valerie Szybala shares the journey she has been on while trying to retrieve her “missing” bag. In the long thread, Szybala claims that United lied to her about where her bag is, and that she has evidence thanks to an AirTag, an Apple device that tracks GPS locations. More than 12 million people have viewed the tweet, which has generated a lot of buzz.

As the thread continues, Valerie points out that the United representative who assisted DM stopped responding when she asked for detailed information on the airline’s lost bag policy. Szybala was greeted less than courteously by the staff member who told her, “calm down, your bag is with delivery service.”

Having remained in the same location since Friday, Szybala’s bag was moved yesterday and taken to a McDonald’s before returning to the apartment complex.

Six hours before this story was published, the bag was shown again on the move but stopped at a shopping mall, where it remained for 30 minutes. As soon as Szybala saw the bag return to the apartment complex, he was disappointed. He thought it was out on a delivery run.

The bag was retrieved a few hours ago after Szybala tracked it and attempted to retrieve it for days. However, the oddity hasn’t ended yet. According to another tweet, Szybala returned to the apartment complex this morning to locate the bag and received a text message from a delivery person working for a bag delivery service while there.

The driver delivering the bags was surprised to see news crews when he arrived and thought he was in trouble, but Szybala was delighted to see her bag back. In addition, she says that neither the driver nor the airline have explained why her bag spent the weekend at an apartment complex, and that she doesn’t believe what the driver told her.

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