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easyJet Has Launched an Ad Campaign in the UK, Targeting Empty Nesters


In recent years, almost three-quarters of British parents at 45 or older have said they would like to take on a new challenge once their children fly the nest.

easyJet (EZY) has launched a new recruiting campaign in the UK to encourage adults over the age of 45 to join. The airline is encouraging parents who have their children grown or started their own careers before reaching that age, but also anyone looking for a new challenge in life.

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In the UK, 60% of British parents over 45 want to take on a new challenge once their children are grown. With this in mind, easyJet has set in motion a new campaign that encourages these empty nesters to join its ranks who will help maintain its reputation as the go-to airline for older travelers.

Is your age holding you back from pursuing your dream job? Check out the top ten career choices that EasyJet found to be most desirable for those over 45 years old. Out of those, working for charity and volunteering tops the list, but paramedic, teaching, librarianship, and becoming a crew member with easyJet were also in the top five.

The sad truth is that one-fifth of adults surveyed said they’d love to work closer with their children who are grown and on their own. There are 63% of those individuals who wish to be given the opportunity to travel in order to work with them.

Have you recently retired and are looking for a new career? It may be time to change your vocabulary, as well as the approach of your current career. Have you heard any of these phrases before, or want to learn some new ones? We recently published an article showing off why British cabin crew members use shortcuts and complicated language.

With the new campaign

New ads for easyJet feature employees who just became passengers in the past year. In one ad, a 59-year-old man who used to work in engineering and sales said, “This is the best time of my life.”

I got my new job after trying self-employment, but it didn’t work well for me. I began applying and applying until I came across a company that interviewed me, called Luton academy. I loved the energy in this place and found what I was looking for in terms of challenges.

You can apply to be a cabin crew member with easyJet and be part of the airline’s friendly, welcoming culture. You’ll also get a fantastic work-life balance on a flexible schedule.

easyJet’s network

One of the biggest companies in Europe is easyJet. As of November 2022, there are weekly flights and 1.16 million seats available on routes throughout the continent for passengers.

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